Aaron Burr Cidery Homestead 'Choke Pear' 2019

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Aaron Burr Cidery Homestead 'Choke Pear' 2019 500ml

Aaron Burr Cidery has become the sought-after icon of local, traditional cider making. This small homestead farm dates back to the early 1800s and is located in Wurtsboro, NY, in neighboring Sullivan County. Aaron Burr's name was on the original deed of the home, and a rebellious energy pulses through everything made by Andy Brennan and Polly Giragosian. Dedicated to making "true cider", once the most popular drink in America, their main source of apples are those that they forage themselves around the Hudson Valley and Lower Catskills.

This dry perry is made with wild ‘choke’ pears, also known as “spitters” with mild pear flavor streaked with subtle sour mash and earthiness. 276 bottles produced.