ArteNOM 1579 Blanco Tequila

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ArteNOM 1579 Tequila Blanco 750ml
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The ArteNOM line of tequilas are made by different Master distillers around Jalisco, representing major regional distinctions. Master distiller Felipe Camarena produces the NOM 1579 at his Destilería El Pandillo, using stressed, hillside agave plants grown in tequila’s highest-altitude growing region. The plants are slowly roasted in brick ovens and macerated intact with their fibers for a rich, full flavor. He double distills in copper pot stills, aerates, then dilutes down to 80 proof with rain-water and high mineral spring water prior to bottling. We love the purity of the cooked agave flavors of this tequila. This bottle really shows the terroir of the stressed agave plants and the depths of flavor achievable through agave distillation. Sweet citrus, pepper, and tropical fruits abound, savory and mineral-laced in the mouth. This is a standout, small-batch blanco tequila.