Capurro Pisco Moscatel 2016

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Capurro Pisco Moscatel 2016
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Capurro is a family-run business that procudes all-estate grown piscos of the Nazca region (yes, as in the Nazca lines). We were just introduced to these brilliantly expressive spirits that are perfect for sipping, sours, or our new favorite, the chilcano: pisco, ginger beer/ginger ale, and lots of fresh-squeeze lime juice. The vineyards and distillery were founded over 100 years ago and operations are now spearheaded by Master Distiller Eduardo Casto Capurro and his granddaughter Romina (who also serves as the Company president). This desert region sees a scant 4mm of rainfall annually, so the grape vines rely on ancient subterranean aqueducts originating in the Andes for irrigation. Grapes are harvested annually and separated by variety before fermentation. The primary fermentation occurs naturally and base wines are fermented once in copper pot stills. The spirits are undiluted, unfiltered, and aged a minimum of one year before release. his brilliant, single varietal pisco is made with 100% Moscatel grapes. This is a a spirit meant for stirred drinks or sipping, as it overflows with aromas of rose, orange blossom, tangerine zest, and ripe pear nectar.