Collective Arts Distilling Gin Soda Grapefruit Lemon Thyme Can 12oz

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Collective Arts Distilling Gin Soda Grapefruit Lemon Thyme 12oz

Collective Arts is a craft brewery in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, with the stated mission of melding the creativity of craft beer with the inspiration and talents of artists and musicians. Seeking even more creative outlets, they made their debut in the spirits world last year, producing both an Artisanal Dry and a Rhubarb & Hibiscus gin, which quickly garnered industry acclaim and a shelf full of awards. Enter these sparkling gin cocktails, designed to be a convenient way to enjoy a real, low-sugar cocktail without sacrificing taste. True to their collaborative spirit, each ready-to-drink can features artwork by Montreal artist Maia Faddoul.

The dry gin and soda with grapefruit, lemon, and thyme begins with Collective’s Artisanal Dry Gin base, then builds in even more bright citrus notes with real lemon and grapefruit. Dried thyme and lavender contribute floral, herbaceous undertones, ending in a delicate, clean, and refreshing quaff.