Nuestra Soledad Lachigui Miahuatlan Mezcal

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Nuestra Soledad celebrates the distinctive terroir and traditions of six iconic distilling communities around the Valles Centrales region of Oaxaca. Each palenque crafts mezcal from 100% espadín agave, which offers a unique snapshot of the varied terroir of each village. Lachigui is set deep in the mountains of Miahuatlán, in Oaxaca’s southern district. A series of rough, switchback-laden roads lead up to the rancho palenque of Maestro Mezcalero “Tio” Pedro Vasquez. Vasquez distills a variety of both wild and cultivated agaves, and is best known for his highly coveted El Jolgorio line of wild agave mezcals. His espadín is bright and high-toned, with lively mint, green pepper, fresh-cut grass, wet earth, and hints of cedar and cigar box. Subtle fruit elements of green banana and fresh cherry pair with spicy acidity and a long, earthy finish.