COS 'Maldafrica' Cerasuolo di Vittorio DOCG 2018

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COS 'Maldafrica' Terre Siciliane IGP 2018
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Country Italy
Region Sicily
Appellation/Sub-Region Cerasuolo di Vittorio DOCG
Grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Certified Organic, Biodynamically Grown, Low-Intervention/Natural Wine

Fresh out of high school, friends Giambattista Cilia (“C”), Giusto Occhipinti (“O”) and Cirino Strano (“S”) founded COS in 1980, when Cilia’s father gifted the group some vineyard land to keep them busy before the start of college. Immediately, they began to farm organically—at their young age and without any formal agricultural training, they innocently felt it didn’t make sense to add chemicals to their soils—and as they began to better understand terroir, later delved into biodynamic viticulture. Their first crack at winemaking also leaned hands-off in nature—the three, again, believing pragmatically that additions, temperature control, or interventions of any kind didn’t make much sense in the cellar—and they chose increasingly to ferment their wines in completely neutral terracotta vases and clay amphorae. Since then, COS has become one of the most important producers in Italy, and one of the most influential natural wineries in modern history. (No big deal, or anything.) This 50-50 blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot is a nod to Sicily’s terroir and geography, physically farther south than parts of Africa and enjoying similar climates and flora. Enchantingly aromatic, it offers a harmonious mix of black currant, red plum and chocolate tones marked by a bit of spice and hemmed in by grippy tannins. Certified organic, biodynamically grown, low-intervention/natural wine.