Dolin Génépy le Chamois Liqueur

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Dolin Génépy le Chamois Liqueur 750ml

Champs Elysées:
A classic cocktail made to perfection with Brisson Cognac, Lemon, Simple syrup, Orange twist.
Last Word: Using Genepy instead of the Green Chartreuse is a budget friendly substitute that won’t disappoint. With Gin, Luxardo Maraschino, Lime.


Dolin has an extensive history in France, beginning in 1815 when 25-year-old Joseph Chavasse created a liqueur distillery in Mont Blanc. The mountains had wonderful alpine gardens where he could find all of the plants he needed to create the liqueurs he had invented. Inspired by aperitifs in Turin, he created a new vermouth in 1821 with a secret recipe, using a wide variety of plants infused into a Savoyard white wine with a selection of spices added. He settled in Chambéry in 1830 and focused all of his energy into making vermouths. In 1843, Louis-Ferdinand Dolin married into the family and became the vermouth maker, and gave his name to the company and brand. Charles and Joseph Sevez, grocers, bought the distillery from the family in 1919 as there were no heirs to inherit the business, but they kept the brand name and passed the company and expertise down through their families. They are the last remaining producers of Vermouth de Chambéry, and still make authentic product according to the principles that earned Chambéry France’s only A.O. for vermouth back in 1932. The Génépy liqueur is a legendary alpine herbal one that dates back many hundreds of years, comprised with a multitude of herbs, the most prominent being Génépy (a petite variety of mountain sage) found in the high mountains of Savoy. Its bright herbal and fresh flavors have long been associated with the mountain air and adventure, and today it is still the darling of French ski resorts and fine dining, served on the rocks or with tonic water.

45% ABV