Domaine Dupont Cider Organic 2018

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Domaine Dupont Cider Organic 2018
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Domaine Dupont’s estate and orchards are beautiful and extensive, and the Dupont family is as endearing as the incredibly extensive line of ciders, Calvados and pommeau they produce. They are one of the top producers in the Pays d’Auge, Normandy’s best region for Calvados, and one of the top cider producers in Normandy. This is their traditional bottling, cidre bouché simply refers to being under cork. All of their ciders are vintage-dated; just like wines, ciders exhibit different characteristics with each harvest. Etienne Dupont respects the different times it takes to reach maturity for each general category of apples (bitter, sweet, acidic), so each type is collected at three different times between October and December to extract as much complexity from the fruit as possible. No nitrates are used, allowing for a slow, complete fermentation. Indigenous yeast-fermented in stainless steel, this cider is a pleasure, fresh and off-dry. This certified organic cider is complex and elegant. Crisp and fresh on the palate, it displays ripe green apple notes with a decent amount of apple skin tannin, accented by touches of honey sweetness, baked apple and cinnamon. Certified organic.