Domaine Nerantzi 'Serres Polis' White Blend Serres PGI 2017

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Domaine Nerantzi 'Serres Polis' White Blend Serres PGI 2017
Country Greece
Region Macedonia
Appellation/Sub-Region Serres PGI
Grapes Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Asprouda
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Certified Organic, Vegan

Not far from Domaine Nerantzi’s vineyards in eastern Macedonia (northeastern Greece), archaeologists have found pottery used for storing wine from 4400 BCE: the oldest evidence of winemaking in Europe. Despite the deep history of wine in the region, the Serres area gained status as an “appellation of origin” only two decades ago, thanks in large part to the work of vintner Nerantzis Mitropoulos and his family. The Mitropoulos family has advocated for otherwise ignored native Macedonian grapes, and they celebrate the uniqueness of those varieties in the wines they produce. They are committed to organic farming practices and take particular advantage of the Strymon valley’s alternating daytime sea breeze and cool evening offshore wind. This ‘Polis’ blends malagousia (40%), assyrtiko (30%), and asprouda serron (30%), aged in stainless steel and partially in oak for six months. Deep golden in color and mellow on the palate, it unfolds flavors of apricot skin and stone fruit, with a hint of black olive on the finish. Certified organic, vegan.