Domaine Dupont Calvados 'Hors d'Age' 6 Year Pays d'Auge AOC

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Domaine Dupont Calvados 'Hors d'Age' 6 Year Pays d'Auge AOC 750ml

Domaine Dupont’s estate and orchards are beautiful and extensive, and the Dupont family is as endearing as the extensive line of ciders, Calvados and pommeau they produce. They are one of the top producers in the Pays d’Auge, Normandy’s best region for Calvados, and one of the top cider producers in Normandy. They have been in the region since 1703, but it took Jules Dupont, a sharecropper who tended to apple orchards to make cider and calvados, to get the business rolling. His products were so successful he was able to buy the farm in 1916, and Domaine Dupont was born. Now produced by the third generation of Duponts, the Hors d’Age is made of 80% bittersweet apples and 20% acidic apples that are mixed, crushed, and pressed, with the juice fermented into cider to be distilled. Double distillation happens 6 months after the fermentation, and it is then aged for 6 years in French oak, with 25% of that being new. It has fresh aromas of apple and banana with a hint of oak, rose, and jasmine with all of those flavors following through on the palate which shows some sweetness.