Empirical Spirits 'Can 02' 12oz

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Empirical Spirits 'Can 02' 12oz

Based in Copenhagen, Empirical Spirits was founded by Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen, both alumni of Noma, the seminal restaurant named best in the world five times. With a fanatical focus on flavor elements, and taking inspiration from eastern and western distilling traditions, they strive to use alcohol as a medium for experimentation instead of producing spirits that fit into well-worn categories. Vacuum distillation allows them the precision and freedom to create new flavors and gastronomic experiences. Since we can't take a flight to Denmark right now, we're bringing Noma-inspired mixology home!

"Can 02" is based on beet molasses spirit, Belgian saison yeast, and a wild combination of cold infused sour cherry juice, sour cherry spirit, Keemun black tea cold brew, black currant bud spirit, walnut wood tea, walnut wood spirit, young pine cone kombucha, and Maqaw pepper spirit. Lightly carbonated, this will shake up your taste buds for sure!