Fred Jerbis 'Milano-Torino' Cocktail 750ml

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Fred Jerbis 'Milano-Torino' Cocktail 750ml

Years ago, Friuli-native, forager, and herbalist Fred Cremasco found a recipe book from the late 1800's, which contained dozens of recipes for vermouth, amaros, bitters and other kinds of natural, medicinal concoctions. He was inspired to set out to recreate these recipes of old. To do so, Cremasco grows all kinds of botanicals, and sources wild ones from a local national preserve, which the government allows him to do on a special basis. These botanicals are as pure as can be.

The Milano-Torino, or "Mi-To", is a classic, yet little known cocktail which combines Amaro (traditionally made in Milan) with Vermouth (traditionally made in Torino.)

The Jerbis version is a combination of his Bitter 34 and the Vermut 25 - the numbers referring to the number of botanicals, spices, roots, and flowers flavoring the spirit. Complex and contemplative while also super refreshing - stir with ice in a shaker and garnish with a lemon peel.