Golden Cluster Flora 'Olmo' Willamette Valley 2019

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Golden Cluster Flora 'Olmo' Willamette Valley 2019
Country USA
Region Oregon
Appellation/Sub-Region Willamette Valley
Grapes Flora
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Organically Grown, Low-Intervention, Vegan

Flora is a cross between Gewurztraminer and Sémillon.  It retains a bit of the "spice" of Gewurztraminer with the waxiness of Sémillon. It has a very low acid profile and produces wines that have a very smooth texture.  It was a grape that was mis-used for many years by industrial wine producers in the warmer Central Valley of California, who valued its low acidity.  There are only between 22 - 25 acres of Flora left in the world.  Most of it can be found in Australia, New Zealand, and California. There is only 1 row of these vines at David Hill Vineyards, so depending on the vintage, this won’t produce enough grapes to make a full barrel of wine. There was not a 2018 version, nor will there be a 2020 version of this wine. Organically grown, low-intervention/natural wine.