Hild Elbling 'Zehnkommanull' Mosel 2020

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Hild Elbling 'Zehnkommanull' Mosel 2020
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Country Germany
Region Mosel
Appellation/Sub-Region Mosel
Grapes Elbling
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Sustainably Grown, Low-Intervention/Natural Wine, Vegan

Elbling is an ancient grape, one with very deep roots (chronologically speaking) in Germany and in the Mosel Valley in particular. It was even the most planted grape in Germany until the early 1900s! Now overshadowed by riesling throughout most of the valley, plantings of elbling have shrunk to a tiny corner of the Obermosel (Upper Mosel). The soil in the Obermosel is primarily limestone, which also distinguishes the area from the slate-based soils downriver. And Matthias Hild is one of a handful of growers committed to maintaining the terraced vineyards of elbling that remain. The plot for this cuvée is extremely small: only .15 hectare! A rare find from a unique grape and a unique region. ‘Zehnkommanull’ refers to the low alcohol content of this particular wine: though fermented to dryness, this elbling tends not to end up with higher than 10,0 (“zehn komma null”) percent abv. Ethereal, with a razor-like edge, the wine screams of slate-soils on which it’s grown. This wine surprises with more palate roundness than the 10% ABV would imply, though the nervy acidity and mineral backbone keep it incredibly crisp. Everything about ‘Zehnkommanull’ is a relic of winemaking’s past, but we couldn’t find it more modern, refreshing, and perfect for summer. Sustainably grown, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.