Kabaj Sauvignon Blanc Goriska Brda 2016

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Kabaj Sauvignon Blanc Goriska Brda 2016
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Country Slovenia
Region Goriška Brda
Appellation/Sub-Region Goriška Brda
Grapes Sauvignon Blanc
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Organically Grown, Low-Intervention/Natural Wine, Vegan

On the northeastern Italian border, at the foothills of the Alps and 15 miles from the Adriatic sits the Goriška Brda region of Slovenia (‘Collio’ in Italian). Unfortunately, when Slovenia became part of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in the late 1940s, wine production suffered from the state-run “quantity over quality” approach. Upon gaining independence in 1991, private production resumed, indigenous grapes were replanted, and focus on terroir has intensified. In the late 1980s, Katja Kabaj married former French Legionnaire and Bordeaux-trained enologist Jean Michel Morel, and they settled in Katja’s family village of Šlovrenc. After they were married, they made the decision to bottle their own wines from their 15 ha of vines rather than sell their grapes - a great choice given that they are now regularly hailed as one of Wine & Spirits Top 100 Wineries of The Year. This sauvignon blanc is hand harvested and sees 7 days of skin contact during fermentation. It is aged for 24 months in 225L French oak barrels, and an additional six months in bottle. The week of skin contact is quite a bit shorter than many of Kabaj’s other cuvées, and produces a wine that is lighter in style than many of their other orange wines. Akin in personality to its Friulian cousins across the Italian border, displaying peachy, peppery notes on a texturally robust, round frame. Refreshing, lingering acidity makes it pair incredibly well with food. This bottle is a wonderful example of the depth and complexity that moderate skin contact can impart to a grape like sauvignon blanc - amping up the texture and spice while maintaining mouthwatering acidity and lift. A great choice for those looking to see what the orange wine craze is all about or for sauvignon blanc lovers searching for something a little different. Organically grown, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.