L'Orgeat Almond Liqueur 750ml

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L'Orgeat Almond Liqueur 750ml
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L’Orgeat was born behind a bar, whilst making orgeat syrup for a craft cocktail program in Los Angeles. House-made orgeat is very time consuming to make and requires many pound of almonds and has a low yield and short shelf life and can often separate in cocktails. This inspired a new product: an almond liqueur. It has all the flavor of an orgeat syrup but does not need to be refrigerated and will not separate, plus it adds a little more booze to the cocktail! The almonds still come from California, but they are shipped from these family-owned almond farms to a distillery in Brooklyn where they are dry-roasted and macerated with neutral cane spirit until the exact profile has been achieved. This is the ideal addition for a variety of tiki cocktails, especially a Mai Tai, and anything that requires an almond flavor (they have some really cool cocktail recipes on their website)! And since it is a liqueur, it can be sipped on the rocks on it’s own for a lovely toasted almond libation.