Mysto Mead Bochet 375ml

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Mysto Mead Bochet 375ml
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Paraphrased from Mysto Mead’s website: “Mead is wine that is made from honey and is believed to be the world’s first fermented beverage. In it’s most basic form mead is honey, water and yeast. It is thought that rainwater penetrated ancient beehives, after which wild yeast fermented the resulting honey/water mixture and the alcoholic beverage was born. Wild yeast, being everywhere, turned his honey into mead. It can be sweet, semi-sweet or dry and is often flavored by the addition of herbs, spices and fruits. The alcohol content of mead is similar to wine (12-14% ABV), and it can be consumed early or it can be aged in the bottle for many years. Mysto Mead’s mission is to revitalize artisanal mead in the Hudson Valley, and their lineup is phenomenal”. The Bochet is made with caramelized honey, giving it a rich color and flavors of caramel, flan, and toasted marshmallow with a lovely but not cloying sweetness.