Neta Mezcal Espadín 750ml

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Neta Mezcal Espadín 750ml
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Neta is a company that works closely with several small, family producers and a cooperative of twelve palenqueros in Oaxaca. These families have recipes and knowledge that have been passed down through generations and community, and Neta allows them to express terroir and craftsmanship with a line of incredible mezcals. The Espadín for this bottling was produced by Candido García Cruz. He is working with quiotudo avages, meaning he cuts each plant’s quiote before it has a chance to flower, concentrating the sugars in the piña. This leads to better yields and develops a richness of flavor that is not found in less mature agave. It has a grassy, bright nose with a hint of fruit and flowers with a gentle touch of smoke.