Neversink Spirits Apple Apéritif 750 mL

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Neversink Spirits Apple Apéritif 750 mL
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Long-time friends Noah Braunstein and Yoni Rabino spent years planning, experimenting, and sipping before their shared passion for spirits became a reality when they launched Neversink Spirits. Melding the deep European distilling traditions of Calvados, eau de vie, and gin with the rich history of New York apple growing, Neversink produces a distinctive line of spirits that includes their signature gig, as well as brandies, eaux de vie, and aperitifs. 

Neversink Apple Aperitif is a NY version of pommeau, and features apples sourced by Steve Selin of South Hill Cider in Ithaca, NY. It begins with Neversink’s apple eau de vie, which is aged in oak barrels previously used for whiskey, then blended with fresh-pressed apple juice. The pommeau then goes into wine barrels for further aging. Fresher and brighter than many pommeau, this unfurls lightly sweet layers of fleshy apple, warm caramel, baking spice, and a hint of toasted nuts on the finish. A delicious after-dinner sipper, this also makes a fantastic addition to cocktails (try it in an Old Fashioned or with ginger beer for an apple-driven take on a Mule or Stormy.)