Saison Caribbean Pale Rum 750ml

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Saison Caribbean Pale Rum 750ml
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Saison has been owned and operated by the Tessandier family since 1880, and is now in the fourth generation of ownership. They began as grape growers and Cognac producers, and they still work closely with Cognac-based coopers to select the grain and toast for their French oak barrels. Brothers Jérôme and Lilian share the profession of Cellar Master, and begin by tasting, analysing, and evaluating rums from various sources to create the perfect blend that enhances authenticity, finesse, and subtlety of the spirit. They landed on blending terroirs from Barbados, Trinidad, and Jamaica to create that perfect balance and character. The unaged blend makes its way from the Caribbean to France to be blended and barreled, where it rests on the banks of the Charente River for 3 months, giving it a lovely roundness and smoothness to its fresh, fruity, and floral character. It has just a touch of vanilla, banana flambé, and honey in the profile as well.