Siete Leguas Tequila Añejo

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Siete Leguas Tequila Añejo
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Siete Leguas (“Seven Leagues”) was the distance a person could cover on horseback in a single day (21 miles). Pancho Villa named his favorite horse Siete Leguas, and it was the spirit of Mexico’s famed revolutionary that inspired founder Don Ignacio Gonzalez Vargas when naming his distillery. Siete Leguas now has two distillery sites, located about 150 yards apart; ‘El Centenario’, founded in 1952, and the more modern ‘La Vencedora’, established in 1984. NOM 1120, the estate blends the juice from both facilities, and remains family owned and operated, now run by Juan Fernando Gonzalez. Casa Siete Leguas is located in Jalisco, in the town of Atotonilco, about two hours east of Guadalajara. Both distilleries make tequila from start to finish, beginning with estate-grown agaves from their fields nearby, then proceeding through the cooking, macerating, fermenting, and distilling process. Among the oldest distilleries in Mexico, Siete Leguas is also known as the producer of the original Patron tequila from 1988-2002, until demand exceeded their capacity.

The Añejo is aged for 24 months in American oak, and provides mouth filling layers of roasted agave, spicy oak and black pepper, along with hints of bourbon, vanilla, dried fruit, and baking spice.