St. Agrestis 'Spritz' RTD 187ml Can

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St. Agrestis 'Spritz' RTD 187ml Can
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When sommeliers Nicolas Finger and Fairlie McCollough returned to New York from a three-month trip throughout Italy, they were inspired to continue exploring their passion for the regional amari - to the extent that they decided to create their own! St. Agrestis was founded in 2014, and the lineup now includes amaro, aperitivo, bitter, and these ready-to-drink Spritzes, launched in summer 2019. Perfectly packaged for individual sipping, this is a combination of St. Agrestis Paradiso Aperitivo, sparkling wine from Veneto, and sparkling water. This Spritz pays homage to Italy’s favorite cocktail in a citrus-forward expression, layered with floral and herbal notes, and a lightly bittersweet finish. An easy, refreshing take on a classic!