Stagard Riesling Kremstal DAC Steiner Gaisberg 2016

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Stagard Riesling Kremstal DAC Steiner Gaisberg 2016
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Country Austria
Region Niederösterreich
Appellation/Sub-Region Kremstal DAC
Grapes Riesling
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Certified Organic, Low-Intervention/Natural Wine, Vegan

From the importer:
The Stagård cellar is nearly 1,000 years old. While you pause to take that in, a few details: wine was not made here continuously, but documents show that Benedictine monks planted this land with a mix of vines and apricot trees.

Riesling is the clear focus of the Urban and Dominique Stagard, and grüner veltliner, more traditional and far more widely planted in the Kremstal, also finds a place in their vineyards. Both varieties are grown organically (certified since 2009) on 17 hectares of exceptional sites scattered around Stein and in the Wachau. The Stagårds are dedicated to amplifying biodiversity and intensifying hand work among the vines, and restoring traditional practices to their ancient cellar. They rely on native yeast fermentations and minimal sulfur, as well as long aging on the fine lees to promote texture and protect against oxidation.

“Our idea of organic winemaking does not end at the cellar door,” say Urban and Dominique. “We work with minimal intervention and, above all, we trust in time. That’s why we leave our wines on the lees for a long time – to harmonize structure, give them stability, and embrace their own specific character. In addition to heavy sorting, 10% of the fruit is manually de-stemmed for the single parcel wines. The grapes macerate up to 48 hours before they are pressed and begin their spontaneous fermentations. The ferments take place in stainless steel or, in select cases, Steinzeug.”

This site consists of twelve terraces surrounded by trees and bushes which act like a “clos”—a vineyard within a vineyard. It’s one of the warmest sites in Stein and is situated very close to the Danube, benefiting the full effect of the river’s sun reflection. It is intensely floral with sweet meadow-like herbal aromas. The palate is salty and schmaltzy with cayenne pepper spice and lime citrus zing. Certified organic, low-intervention/natural wine, vegan.