Stephan Steinmetz Elbling Trocken 2020

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Stephan Steinmetz Elbling Trocken 2020
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Country Germany
Region Mosel
Appellation/Sub-Region Mosel
Grapes Elbling
Vineyard/Cellar Practices Organically Grown, Vegan

Elbling is an ancient grape, one with very deep roots (chronologically speaking) in Germany and in the Mosel Valley in particular. It was even the most planted grape in Germany until the early 1900s! Now overshadowed by riesling throughout most of the valley, plantings of elbling have shrunk to a tiny corner of the Obermosel (Upper Mosel). The soil in the Obermosel is primarily limestone, which also distinguishes the area from the slate-based soils downriver. Despite its being fermented to dryness, elbling interestingly tends to produce lower-alcohol wines: 10.5% in this case. Stephan Steinmetz, his wife, Petra, and their two children manage their six-hectare estate entirely by hand, farming organically and using almost no machinery in the winemaking process. Their elbling, fermented and aged in stainless steel, highlights crisp pear and peach notes and finishes with fresh-torn herbs and a squeeze of lime. Organically grown, vegan.