Sundström Cider 'Sponti' 2018

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Sundström Cider 'Sponti' 2018
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Leif Sundström founded Sundström Cider after nearly 10 years of working in the wine industry. His aspirations to pursue cider really took hold during his final wine position, at Weingut Leitz in Rüdesheim, Germany. Upon returning to the US, Leif moved to the Hudson Valley to do just that; his amazing ciders rely on a combination of select wild harvest apples, heirlooms, cider apple varieties and several species of crab apples to make vinous, age-able ciders that speak of place. Sponti is a spontaneous cuvée, a cross-regional representation of NYS terroir, with a blend that changes a bit each year. However, it is always based on Northern Spy and native NE heirloom apples (Goldrush, Baldwin, Wickson, Manchurian Crab). This vintage is focused on northern New York terroirs, drawing fruit from two orchards in the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario regions. The apples were native yeast-fermented in stainless steel; subsequent aging was 80% in steel and 20% in oak, both on their lees. Ever so slightly cloudy, it displays clean, complex apple flavors, for the most part eschewing a more funky style. Aromas of pit fruit, cured apple, cherry, and tea leaf yield to a focused palate bursting with bright fruit notes. Gentle tannins balance out the fruit, and make it incredibly versatile and food friendly, wrapping up with persistent earthy apple and mineral character. Low-intervention.