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Free Wine Tasting - Second Saturday

Australian marsanne kicks off our final Second Saturday lineup of 2015. Distinguishing itself from other Aussie wines by its focus on freshness and regional character, it makes a beautiful selection for drinking with roasted dishes. Next up is a natural wine from the Loire that features the overlooked pineau d'aunis grape, resulting in a light and savory red. Our third wine offers a chance to taste an elegant and intriguing blend of three relatively obscure grapes from the Vallée d'Aoste in the Italian Alps. It's a dark and delicious wine just begging for special occasion foods. Finally, we feature a Napa Valley red, but one that goes against the grain of typical Napa styles, reminding us instead of a right bank Bordeaux with its restrained, clean approach.  

Ben Haines Marsanne Yarra Valley Warramunda "Encore" 2012
Country: AUSTRALIA / Region: VICTORIA / Appellation: YARRA VALLEY/ Varietal(s): MARSANNE --- Ben Haines is a young winemaker taking a different approach to Aussie wines. While most of the Aussie wines we see here in the states have traditionally been blends from a wide variety of sources, (they do have an wine region covering 95% of Australia's vineyards) Haines is more focused on single vineyard expressions and blending just a few lots to articulate regional styles. 2012 was a great year for marsanne in the Yarra Valley, and this wine is a great example! The grapes hail from the Warramunda Vineyard in Coldstream, which sits at the peak of a hill overlooking the valley. Layered and complex, aromas and flavors of citrus, floral and spice notes meld beautifully with stonefruit, honeysuckle, and biscuit. Winemaking focuses on letting the texture, character and freshness of the grapes shine through, making this a wonderful companion to drink with whole roasted snapper or pork cutlets.
Regular Price: $27.99     Tasting Sale Price: $25.19

Domaine Le Briseau Pineau d'Aunis "Lucky!" Vin de France 2010 - NATURAL WINE
Country: FRANCE / Region: LOIRE VALLEY / Appellation: VIN DE FRANCE / Varietal(s): PINEAU D'AUNIS --- Pineau d’aunis is a relatively unknown grape that’s full of delicious surprises. It produces wines that are wonderfully easy-going, yet elegant, with a bounty of red fruit notes (strawberry, raspberry) joined by touches of rose geranium and a characteristic dusting of black pepper. Founded in 2005 by Christian Chaussard and Nathalie Gaubicher, Le Briseau (“the shatterer”, a nod to the extremely rocky terroir of the domaine) converted to biodynamic production in 2006. The vineyards are farmed organically and wines are made with native yeasts and minimal intervention. Christian served as president of the AVN, "Association des Vins Naturels" for 5 years, and left an indelible mark on the Loire valley and the natural wine movement as a whole before his tragic passing in 2012 in a tractor accident. In spite of Christian’s untimely death, Natalie has persevered and kept Le Briseau going. A lovely wine to sip and savor, this pineau d’aunis brings appealing freshness and light peppery finish that also play well with foods such as mushroom risotto or meaty fish like mackerel or arctic char.
Regular Price: $20.99     Tasting Sale Price: $18.89

Les Granges Vallée d'Aoste DOC Nus 2013
Country: ITALY / Region: VALLÉE D'AOSTE / Appellation: VALLÉE D'AOSTE DOC / Varietal(s): NUS+FUMIN+PETIT ROUGE --- Les Granges cultivates grapes on a sunny hillside in an area of the Italian Alps that has been producing wine since at least Roman times. The vineyards were first brought back to life in 1991 with the intention of cultivating the family vineyards and propagating the ancient grapes varieties of the region. Success soon led to a more professional approach and eventually in 2005 the estate was able to open its own winery rather than using the local co-op. This wine features three obscure grapes: nus, fumin, and petit rouge. The first, its full name vien de nus, is a grape cultivated perhaps exclusively here in the Vallée de Aoste around this town of Nus. This is blended with the slightly better known fumin, a dark-skinned varietal known more for muscle than elegance. Small amounts of petit rouge are blended in adding a floral elements to the wine. While dark in color, the wine is focused on structure: acidity and tannin. The blend creates a lovely tension on the palate as the acidity leaves you salivating and the tannins dry. This is wine meant for food, for celebrations: a roasted leg of lamb or a creamy polenta topped with savory mushrooms.
Regular Price: $27.99     Tasting Sale Price: $25.19

Robert Sinskey Vineyards "POV" Napa Valley Los Carneros 2011 - ORGANICALLY GROWN
Country: USA / Region: CALIFORNIA / Appellation: NAPA VALLEY - LOS CARNEROS / Varietal(s): MERLOT+CABERNET SAUVIGNON+CABERNET FRANC --- Robert Sinskey Vineyards in a second generation winery making wine the Napa Valley. While Sinskey is in the heart of US wine country, the style of their wines is an antithesis of traditional powerful wine typical of the region. The winemaking philosophy is based on organic and biodynamic farming. All the grapes they grow are certified organic and use biodynamic principals though they are no longer members of Demeter, a biodynamic certifying organization. In addition, Maria, Robert’s wife is a trained chef and so all their wines are produced with an eye to table. POV stands for Point of View and in many ways is the most personal of the Sinskey wines. A blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc, its an expression of the cooler Carneros region. The fruit is more restrained, red berries and green pepper. The acidity is fresh and clean showing the elegance of Carneros and the grape blend. In some ways it brings to mind a right bank Bordeaux wine. Of course this wine is ideal for the pairing with food. Perhaps try lamb stewed in tomato or hearty cranberry bean and kale stew or even the simplicity of pan-fried chicken.
Regular Price: $39.99     Tasting Sale Price: $35.99

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Free Wine Tasting - Friday
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Free Wine Tasting - Friday