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Locations Vermentino "Corse" NV
Country: FRANCE / Region: CORSICA / Appellation: CORSICA / Varietal(s): VERMENTINO --- The mission of Locations is to produce the best wine possible from a country or location by hand selecting the best vineyards and blending the grapes from each to maximize quality and expression. Three years of research and development went into finding the best vineyards and wineries throughout the island of Corsica to partner with in producing a beautiful and true expression of Corsican vermentino. The distinctive label represents the hand crafted Shepherd’s knives found throughout the island. Made of 100% vermentino, it is vinified and aged in stainless steel tanks, allowing the personality of the vermentino grape to shine through. And shine it does: crisp and lively, with floral blossom aromas leaping out of the glass, followed by fresh green apple, bittersweet almond, and crushed herb flavors underpinned by a mouthwatering streak of acidity. A beautiful winter white, this is a lovely choice to drink with fried catfish with herbed oven fries and lemon.

Hermanos Cabernet-Malbec Valle de Cafayate-Salta 2013
Country: ARGENTINA / Region: SALTA / Appellation: SALTA IG / Varietal(s): CABERNET SAUVIGNON+MALBEC --- Known by Argentines as “Salta La Linda” (Salta the Beautiful), the winegrowing region of Salta is based around the town of Cafayate and produces less than 1% of all the wine in Argentina. Vineyards there are high-altitude, which combined with the latitude (-26 degrees) results in large temperature swings of hot days and cool nights that allow grapes to ripen while still maintaining acidity. Domingo Molina is a family winery managed by three brothers (Osvaldo, Gabriel, and Rafael Domingo) who grew up in Cafayate, and their winery represents the second generation of brothers making wine together. (The name Hermanos translates to “brothers”.) Their vineyards are located between 5,300 and 7,300 feet above sea level and are fed by the ultra-pure water that percolates through the mountains above. This extreme altitude and 340 days of sunshine yield wines with intense aromas and soft tannins which are succulent and satisfying to drink. 70% cabernet and 30% malbec, bright ruby in color, the nose displays herbs and spice from the cabernet, with aromas of red currant, tobacco, earth, green pepper, and spice. The finish is decidedly malbec however, sweet and concentrated, with a light herbal tinge to currant and sour cherry flavors, and light but lingering tannins. Try this with flank steak or lamb burgers with sautéed spinach.