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Wayside Cider Dry Town Deliciously Still Dry Cider
Country: USA / Region: NEW YORK STATE / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): N/A --- Founded in 2014 in Delhi, NY, Wayside Cider is the collaboration of Irene Hussey and Alex Wilson. Contrary to the current cider making trend of looking to Europe for inspiration, Alex and Irene focus on making distinctly American ciders that draw on the history and topography of their home in Delaware County. They pick and graft wild and abandoned apple trees with the aim of preserving the past while embracing modern production methods, handling every stage of the cider making process themselves. Wild apples produce far less juice than their cultivated counterparts, but more than make up for it in uniqueness and complexity of flavor. Made from a wild apple blend that includes some fantastic little crab apples, Dry Town is a non-carbonated, truly dry cider. Honest, aromatic, and earthy, it provides elements of tart apple and wet stone on a rounded body with a deliciously crisp finish. Subtle tannins and a little zing courtesy of the crab apples make this refreshing and quaffable. Great as an aperitif with cheeses, especially oozy, stinky ones!
Vignenvie Vin de France "Calico" Vignenvie "Calico" Vin de France 2015 - BIODYNAMICALLY GROWN
Country: FRANCE / Region: BURGUNDY / Appellation: VIN DE FRANCE / Varietal(s): CHASSELAS+PINOT BLANC+GRENACHE BLANC+GRENACHE GRIS+ ETC.  --- A "kitchen sink" blend of almost every white grape imaginable, Calico is a bohemian wild child that marches to the beat of its own drummer! Vignenvie is a communal winemaking project in Charnay, home of winemaker Eric Texier. Many of the villagers collectively grow a hectare of vines located right outside Eric's cellar. The grapes are grown according to the methods of Masanobu Fukuoka, an iconic Japanese farmer and philosopher whose ethos encouraged farmers to let nature do the work, only lending a helping hand when absolutely necessary. As a result, the soils are never tilled, vines are never pruned, and no fertilizers added. The main grapes are chasselas, pinot blanc, grenache blanc, grenache gris (and maybe muscat too!), but there are undoubtedly many others in there whose names cannot be verified, some of them incredibly obscure, heirloom varietals. Flowery, spicy, and citrusy, Calico takes your palate on a wild ride! Full of vibrant acidity, funky citrus, orchard fruit, and delicate minerality, all in a dynamic, medium-bodied package, enjoy with crab cakes.

Montalbera Grignolino d'Asti DOC "Grignè" 2014
Country: ITALY / Region: PIEDMONT / Appellation: GRIGNOLINO D'ASTI DOC / Varietal(s): GRIGNOLINO --- Italy’s counterpart to French Beaujolais, here’s a light red perfect for holiday meals, made from the relatively unknown grignolino grape from Piedmont. The name of the grape comes from "grignole", a word from the Piemontese dialect meaning seeds. "Grignè", the name of this cuvée, also means "to smile" in Piedmontese, and this agile red will bring a smile to the table with its pale color and earthy character. Azienda Agricola Montalbera was founded at the beginning of the 20th century in an area situated among the towns of Grana, Castagnole Monferrato, and Montemagno, in the Monferrato, or the “land of great hope and promises.” Although the origins of the name are difficult to trace, Montalbera most likely refers to the wooded areas and gentle hills surrounding the estate. In the 1980s, the Morando family, owners of the company, adopted a policy of expansion that is still underway, with the acquisition of the surrounding lands and the direct planting of new vineyards, and Montalbera is currently one of the most technologically advanced wineries in the world. "Grignè" is a gorgeous light rust color, with beguiling candied marasca cherry fruit and bright acidity. Delicate in body, it has a light tannin grip on an elegant finish of raspberry seeds and earth. Sure to bring a smile to your face when partnered with roasted eggplant, red pepper antipasti, cod croquettes, or yes, turkey!