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Effet Papillon Côtes du Roussillon AOP Blanc 2015
Country: FRANCE/ Region: ROUSSILLON / Appellation: CÔTES DU ROUSSILLON AOP / Varietal(s): GRENACHE BLANC --- It's back! This 100% grenache blanc comes from the iron-rich clay of Rivesaltes in the Roussillon, in the south of France. Challenging conditions, including wind, heat, low moisture, and poor soil, make it tough to produce good wine here, especially white wines. Talented winemaker Majorie Gallet shows how it’s done here, with biodynamic farming practices encouraging deep root growth, and north-facing parcels mitigating the worst effects of the brutal summer heat. Grapes are hand harvested at the coolest part of the day and kept cool all the way to the press, where the mineral soil comes into its own, lending freshness and finesse to the finished wine. The wines of her seven-year old domaine, Roc des Anges, show up routinely on the lists of heavy-hitting restaurants in France, from Le Crillon and Pierre Gagnaire in Paris to Jardin des Sens in Montpellier and Café des Fédérations in Lyon. A cult favorite here at the shop as well, Effet Papillon is dry, soft, and stony, with floral aromas of jasmine and orange rind. Fresh melon and apricot on the palate and a crisp, fine finish show off its elegance and versatility. Pair this with any light cuisine and enjoy one of the best values around!

Domaine du Mas Joud Côtes Catalanes IGP "Le Convivial" 2009
Country: FRANCE / Region: ROUSSILLON / Appellation: CÔTES CATALANES IGP / Varietal(s): SYRAH+CABERNET SAUVIGNON --- From the south of France comes this lush harmonious blend. Predominantly syrah, with 30% cabernet, this delicious new arrival is ripe, perfectly mature, offering soft tannins and good acidity. A perfect choice for sipping all on its own or with any sort of braised poultry or hearty vegan bean stews.