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Mastroberardino "Mastro" Greco Campania IGT 2012
Country: ITALY / Region: CAMPAGNA / Appellation: CAMPANIA IGT / Varietal(s): GRECO --- The Mastroberardino family has been a winemaking force in the Irpinia region of southern Italy for over two hundred years. Playing a key role in protecting the traditional winemaking heritage of the region, especially when it comes to preserving the local grape varietals and vineyards, they also don’t shy away from utilizing modern techniques in the service of making the best wine possible. This wine, made from the ancient grape varietal greco, perfectly embodies that dedication. Described in 79 AD by Pliny the Elder: “The wine greco was so precious, that during banquets was poured only once…,” greco can be traced through history and legend back to ancient Aminea Gemina grapes imported from Thessaly by the pre-Christian Pelasgians. Today’s greco is the modern expression of those ancient vines planted in Irpinia centuries ago, where the distinct terroir adds extraordinary flavors and complexity to the resultant wines. Unique among southern Italian wine producing regions, Irpinia’s exposed ridges, volcanic soils and great contrasts between harsh snowy winters and hot, dry summers lend its wines intensity and freshness. 100% greco fermented in stainless steel tanks, this delicious white is straw yellow in color, with intense aromatics of tropical fruit, peach and citrus accented with delicate white flowers. Dry and fresh on the palate, with well-balanced fruit and lively acidity, drink this with roasted snapper with fennel, olives, and preserved lemon.

Château Freybernat Bordeaux AOC 2014 - SUSTAINABLY GROWN
Country: FRANCE / Region: BORDEAUX / Appellation: BORDEAUX AOC / Varietal(s): MERLOT+CABERNET SAUVIGNON --- Château Freybernat is an award-winning Bordeaux Rouge produced using sustainable agriculture practices. It was founded in the clay-limestone soils of Ladaux in 1981 by Gaston Flaujac and his two sons, Jean-Paul and Jean-Michel. Today, their children are also involved in the business, becoming the third generation of winemakers in the family. Their goal is to ensure ideal conditions for the grapes while respecting the environment, and they remain committed to sustainable practices throughout every step of winemaking, beginning with strict management of fertilizer, soil health, pest control and even extending into processing the waste from the winery. A classic blend of 60% merlot and 40% cabernet sauvignon, this Bordeaux Rouge has an intense deep ruby color and aromas of ripe black fruit with hints of stewed fruit and spices. Well-balanced with good structure, mellow tannins and elegant notes of dark fruit in the finish, this new arrival is also a great value, perfect for the start of grilling season. Try it with Moroccan-spiced lamb burgers.