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Free WIne Tasting - Friday - Discounted 10%

From Mysto Mead's very informative website:

"Mead is wine that is made from honey and is believed to be the world’s first fermented beverage. In it’s most basic form mead is honey, water and yeast. It is thought that rainwater penetrated ancient bee hives, after which wild yeast fermented the resulting honey/water mixture and the alcoholic beverage was born. Or perhaps a honey gatherer was careless and water entered his honey container.  Wild yeast, being everywhere, turned his honey into mead. Or maybe someone had a dream that led the way. Archeological evidence supports the discovery of mead to around 6,000 BC. Mead was made wherever there lived the honeybee, from southern Africa to the steppes of Russia the the coast of Ireland to China and Japan. When grapes and grain became easier to grow than it was to gather honey, mead slowly gave way to wine and beer. Still the national drink of Ethiopia where it is called Tej, mead also remained popular in Russia and Poland and of course at Renaissance fairs. Mead can be sweet, semi-sweet or dry and is often flavored by the addition of herbs, spices and fruits. The alcohol content of mead is similar to wine (12-14% ABV). It can be consumed early or it can be aged in the bottle for many years."

Mysto Mead Rum Soaked Oak Mead
Country: USA / Region: NEW YORK STATE / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): N/A --- Mysto Mead describes as thus, "This is mead that has been finished in Rum Soaked Oak barrels. We make a classic or show mead first. Just honey, water and yeast, fermented dry. We allow this to age.  We then add it to an oak barrel whose previous use was for aging rum. The mead absorbs the barrel’s oaky rum flavor. With light honey notes in the background this is a superb combination of flavors, rich in oaky tannins, with notes of vanilla and citrus."

Mysto Mead Rye Soaked Oak Mead
Country: USA / Region: NEW YORK STATE / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): N/A --- Mysto Mead describes as thus, "Dry Mead aged in Rye Soaked Oak Barrels. Here we take a show mead, and allow it to age. It then enters an oak barrel  previously used for the aging of rye whiskey, wherein the transformation to mead maturity occurs. Delicious! Rye, oak and mead were definitely made for each other. The same oak, vanilla and citrus notes as the Rum Soaked Oak Mead but with the classic taste of rye front and center.  Add the lingering apparent sweetness from the honey with our classic mineral spring water finish.