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Domaine Grande Bellane Côtes du Rhône AOP 2015 - ORGANICALLY GROWN
Country: FRANCE / Region: RHÔNE VALLEY / Appellation: CÔTES DU RHÔNE AOP / Varietal(s): VIOGNIER+MARSANNE --- Domaine Grande Bellane lies in the commune of Valréas, bordering the Vinsobres appellation, on a shared plateau that overlooks both villages. Five generations have been making wine here since 1919, and the estate has used organic farming methods for over 30 years. 80% viognier, 20% marsanne, this cuvée is a refreshing medium-bodied white, redolent with notes of citrus, apricot, and pineapple. Touches of honeysuckle and peach are supported by delicate acidity and a mineral-driven finish. Drink with roasted snapper or lemon-rosemary pork chops.

Lenotti Valpolicella DOC Classico 2015
Country: ITALY / Region: VENETO / Appellation: VALPOLICELLA DOC / Varietal(s): CORVINA+RONDINELLA+MOLINARA --- Valpolicella is classically a fruity medium-bodied red made in the northeast of Italy, primarily from the corvina grape. At the end of the last century, overall quality dropped off as producers pushed to expand the boundaries of the Valpolicella designation and increase yields in a rush to feed the market with quantity rather than quality. Recently there has been something of a movement to rejuvenate the reputation of Valpolicella, and here is a case in point that's also a great value. 'Classico' indicates that this was produced within the smaller original Valpolicella designation, which means smaller plantings at higher altitudes, lower yields, and generally better-quality grapes. According to a 1906 enological map, Lenotti has a long history in the area, beginning as a producer of Bardolino classico. In 1968, the farm began bottling and selling wine directly to consumers (instead of to other bottlers in the area, as had been done in the past). In 2004, the winemaking facilities were completely modernized, resulting in the current state-of-the-art operation. This wine features vivid flavors of fresh, ripe dark berries, underscored with earthy tones, and a touch of bitter almond (a characteristic of corvina). Great with wild mushroom risotto!