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Free Sake Tasting - Second Saturday - Discounted 10%

Today we welcome Wing Yee from World Sake Imports to pour a taste of Japan!

Akitabare Shunsetsu "Spring Snow" Nama Chozo Honjozo

Country:JAPAN / Region: AKITA PREFECTURE / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): Gin no Sei --- This bottle comes to us from Japan's northern Akita prefecture. It's pasteurized only once after pressing and before bottling (most sakes are pasteurized a second time after bottling), which imparts another layer of earthy depth. The aromas and textural balance of "Spring Snow" show best when chilled. Pair this clean-style honjozo with roasted root vegetables tossed in rosemary-lemon salt.

Miyasaka Brewing Company Masumi Okuden Kantsukuri "Mirror of Truth" Junmai 

Country: JAPAN / Region: NAGANO PREFECTURE / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s):  HITOGOKOCHI+MIYAMANISHIKI --- "Mirror of Truth" is the ideal bottle for sake novices and aficionados alike. The rice's subtle sweetness shines through best when heated up to 120F (or "joukan" in official sake parlance). Heating the sake to this temperature ramps up the inherent grainy aromatic qualities, sweetness, and umami. We're drinking this with fall miso hot pots and stir-fried pork with ginger and scallion.

Kamoizumi Komekome "Happy Bride" 

Country: JAPAN / Region: HIROSHIMA / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): HIROSHIMA HATTAN --- Happy Bride by Kamoizumi is a rarity in the sake world -- both low in alcohol and off-dry in style, this sake has stylistic echoes of halbtrocken riesling. Because this sake stakes a great balance between its rounded acidity and just a touch of sweetness, we love it with all kinds of food, from mid-week dumpling night to chicken tagine.

Kamoizumi "Summer Snow" Nigori Ginjo

Country: JAPAN / Region: HIROSHIMA / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): HIROSHIMA HATTAN+NAKATE SHINSENNBON--- Nigori is a coarsely filtered style sake which allows unfermented rice particles to remain in the bottle. This technique imparts rich and forward flavors and textures, perfect for hearty fall and winter fare. "Summer Snow" is luxurious in texture with a off-dry, creamy finish.