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Domaine de la Bastide Côtes du Rhône AOC Blanc 2016
Country: FRANCE / Region: RHÔNE VALLEY / Appellation: CÔTES DU RHÔNE AOC / Varietal(s): VIOGNIER+ROUSSANNE+CLAIRETTE+BOURBOLENC --- Vincent and Stephanie Boyer’s domaine in Visan is surrounded by remnants of winemaking history dating back to feudal times. Vincent's family resides in a fortified farmhouse built by Templar knights in the Middle Ages. An order of Christian crusaders who rose to great prominence and wealth in the 12th and 13th centuries, the Templars established many farms and vineyards. After time as a Benedictine, then Dominican, monastery, the Bastide property continues the winegrowing tradition today. Vincent has followed in his father's winemaking footsteps, and together with Stephanie, also a trained enologist, they carry the domaine forward with innovation and focus. Their goal is to make the farm fully organic in the near future. Often playing second fiddle to the region's famed red blends, the white wines from the Rhône are not to be overlooked. As soon as you open the bottle, get ready for aromatics that will send you right to tropical fruit nirvana! This cuvée is refreshing and medium-bodied, with notes of guava, passion fruit, and pineapple. Light citrus notes, touches of honeysuckle, and delicate acidity make this a versatile match with an incredible array of foods – you'll want to reach for this again and again. Just the thing for unsettled spring weather, pair this with lemon-rosemary pork chops.

Villa Ligi Pergola Rosso DOC "Vernaculum" 2013
Country: ITALY / Region: PUGLIA / Appellation: PERGOLA ROSSO DOC / Varietal(s): ALEATICO --- The proprietor of Villa Ligi, Francesco Tonelli, is sometimes referred to as the "Indiana Jones of Pergola" for his passion in tracking down nearly extinct local grape varietals in Le Marche. When he discovered some old plantings of vernaccia rosso (also known as aleatico) near the cloister of San Francesco, the once-widespread grape had nearly disappeared from the area. Luckily, Tonelli was a faculty member of the Agricultural Sciences Department at the University of Bologna, and one of the few people in Italy with the resources and ability to rehabilitate the varietal. With a family history of grape-growing dating back nearly a century, Tonelli raised the vines in his own nursery until there were enough to plant a small vineyard, and fought for the creation of the Pergola Rosso DOC, now spanning 45 hectares. Villa Ligi's vineyards are located between the villages of Montalfoglio and Montevecchio. Hard-packed clay soils add depth to this delightfully delicate wine, which evokes at times the light reds of the Loire or Beaujolais. The vines are now between 20-35 years old, yielding some stunning results. Aleatico was traditionally used to make sweet wines, and its history in Le Marche can be traced back to the 13th century. Today dry aleatico wines, such as this cuvée, are aromatic and ethereal – the perfect complement to prosciutto, hard cheeses, and light pasta dishes.