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Ocone Taburno Falanghina del Sannio DOC "Diana" 2015 – CERTIFIED ORGANIC
Country: ITALY / Region: CAMPANIA / Appellation: TABURNO DOC / Varietal(s): FALANGHINA --- The Ocone family has been producing quality wines in the province of Benevento in Campania for over 100 years. As members of the Italian Association for Organic Farming (AIAB), Ocone continuously innovates in the vineyards and cellar and brings us fresh, organically grown expressions of traditional regional grape varieties. This bottling of falanghina borrows the name “Diana” from Roman mythology and would make a great companion for a summer evening of stargazing (Diana was the goddess of the Moon, of course!). This wine has an appealing roundness in the mouth, with aromas of tropical fruits and mineral streak to keep it fresh. If you happen to fire up the grill before breaking out that telescope, you’re in luck! Diana was also the goddess of the hunt, so throw on some rosemary-lemon chicken and branzino, and let the fire and the starry night do the rest.

La Crotta di Vegneron “Chambave” Vallée d’Aoste DOC 2015
Country: ITALY / Region: VALLÉE D’AOSTE / Appellation: VALLÉE D’AOSTE DOC / Varietal(s): PETIT ROUGE+GAMAY+PINOT  NOIR --- The La Crotta di Vegneron Cooperative was established in 1980 and has grown to include 70 partners harvesting ancient varieties indigenous to the Aosta Valley. This semi-autonomous region of Italy sits on the slopes of the Western Alps and is culturally influenced by both France to the west and Switzerland to the north (Italian and French are even the official languages of the region). And the wine-making reflects a commitment to preserving this unique crossroads of culture and the tradition of “campagnards” or the country-side. The “Chambave” bottling is a blend of 70 percent petit rouge and 30 percent gamay, pinot noir and other indigenous varieties. An enchanting red ruby hue, fine tannins, and bursts of violet and blackberry aromas make this bottle an easy choice for your weekday red – delicious with gnocchi in sage brown butter or grab some prosciutto and fontina for an immersive Italian Alps experience.