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Leth Roter Veltliner Wagram Terrassen 2016
Country: AUSTRIA / Region: WAGRAM / Appellation: WAGRAM / Varietal(s): ROTER VELTLINER --- While we’re familiar with grüner veltliner (a summer picnic favorite named for its green skin), this wine features the lesser-known, and unrelated roter veltliner (as the name suggests, a red-skinned white wine grape.) Native to the Wagram area of Austria, where it is almost exclusively grown, it produces wines with bright, refreshing character, but with a spicy-fruity element. A unique growing region in the northeast of Austria, the Wagram is distinct in its layered topography - up to 20 meters high - of loam, sand, chalk and loess that Ice Age winds blew over the primary rock base of the Danube. These tiny particles of soil covering bedrock allow the grapevine roots to absorb water and minerals even from great depths, eliminating the need for irrigation and chemical fertilizers. The climate brings major day and night temperature differences, together with cool winds that blow over from the Waldviertel, which lend distinct aromas to the grapes. Clean and crisp, with a touch of lemon zest on the nose, concentrated flavors of apple and orchard fruit and a bit more weight on the palate than grüner make this a great pick for drinking with chickpea stew.

Grosjean Vallée d'Aoste DOC "Torrette" 2015 - ORGANICALLY GROWN
Country: ITALY / Region: VALLÉE D'AOSTE / Appellation: VALLÉE D'AOSTE DOC / Varietal(s): PETIT ROUGE+VIEN DE NUS+DOUCET+FUMIN+MAYOLET --- The small, gorgeous Alpine valley of the Vallée d'Aoste sits at the northernmost part of Italy's Piedmont region, just beneath the Swiss Alps, and near the French border as well. The region is a delightful combination of Swiss-German, French, and Italian influences. This DOC is the smallest of Italy's wine regions, and with a focus on relatively obscure indigenous grape varietals, local consumption was prioritized in winemaking, rather than export. All this adds up to a distinctive, delicious style; subtle, lean, and food-friendly. The Grosjean family has been farming in the Alps since the 1700s, using sustainable and organic methods since 1975 (including the use of native yeast for fermentation). Combining the silkiness of French winemaking, Swiss precision and minerality, and the table-readiness of Italian wines, the Torrette demonstrates remarkable balance and versatility. An indigenous blend of 80% petit rouge together with small amounts of vien de Nus, doucet, fumin and mayolet, it is reminiscent in many ways of a top level Morgon. Mouthwatering tart red fruit (cherries, strawberries, and a touch of blackberry) mingles with bright, lively acidity, while light tannins keep it smooth and easy-going. Hints of earth and smoke on the finish add to the mystique. Perfect for serving with turnip and kale gratin with Fontina (itself a traditional Alpine cheese!)

Ferrer Ribière Carignan "Empreinte du Temps" VdP des Côtes Catalanes 2013 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC
Country: FRANCE / Region: ROUSSILLON / Appellation: VIN DE PAYS DES CÔTES CATALANES / Varietal(s): CARIGNAN --- In 1993, Denis (an experienced fruit grower) and Bruno (a wine loving civil servant) joined forces to establish Domaine Ferrer Ribière. The son of a vintner, Denis took over his family's vineyards intent on farming them more organically, and now Domaine Ferrer Ribière is one of two wineries in the Roussillon to be certified biodynamic. Although the domaine has existed for seven centuries, it was farmed conventionally until Denis and Bruno, dissatisfied with the quality of the wines, began working organically, eventually transitioning to biodynamic production. Set on 30 hectares west of Perpignan, with breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, this domaine is further distinguished by the age of its vines. This carignan comes from 130 year old vines! This cuvée is titled 'Empreinte du Temps', which translated means 'fingerprint of time'. 100% carignan wines in the Roussillon are unusual, making this an even more unique gem! Of intense depth in color, it has an excellent rich nose of dark fruit, herbs and wild berries. Lots of plum, blueberry, and black currants on the palate are lent a rustic edge. Balanced acidity and chalky, not-aggressive tannins keep this wine fresh and incredibly drinkable, just fabulous with rustic fare like roasted or braised meats, charcuterie, or cheeses.