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Jelu Estate Torrontés San Juan 2015 - ORGANICALLY GROWN
Country: ARGENTINA / Region: CUYO / Appellation: SAN JUAN / Varietal(s): TORRONTES+CHENIN BLANC+ VIOGNIER --- The torrontés grape is planted in other parts of the world, namely Spain, however nowhere is it more important than in Argentina. This is the country’s most planted white grape variety. Known for producing aromatic wines, the grape is a perfect match for the arid climate of Argentina. Jelu means "sun" in the native Huarpe language, and this delicious fall arrival comes from organically-tended grapes grown at high altitude in the Zonda Valley. A very fragrant and flavorful white, with delicate aromas of white peach and honeysuckle, and layers of lychee on the palate, this has enough acidity to refresh a stewed chicken, or soy marinated tofu with greens and brown rice.

Weingut Weninger Sopron 2013
Country: HUNGARY / Region: SOPRON / Appellation: SOPRON / Varietal(s): KÉKFRANKOS --- With a 2,000 year-old history of grape-growing, Hungarian wine culture brings together traditions from Central Asia, Roman practices, and methods from Western Europe. Favored by royal courts across Europe by the 16th century, it was not phylloxera (so often the scourge of winemaking in continental Europe), but instead the Communist period following World War II that hurt the quality and reputation of Hungarian wines by collectivizing production. Today, 20 years after the re-establishment of private wineries, Hungary is experiencing a wine renaissance. Sopron, located in the foothills of the Alps just across the border from Austria is a premier region for red wine production. This kekfrankos (or blaufränkisch) is versatile for every occasion; dark and delicate, with a nose of blue and black berries accented by fermented tea, sandalwood and green peppercorn spice. Supple texture with gentle acidity and a saline minerality finish elegantly on fine, persistent tannins and a hint of shishito pepper. A versatile choice, try it with summer goulash with ground chicken and zucchini.