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Free Wine Tasting - Friday - Discounted 10%

Domaine de Belle Mare Picpoul de Pinet AOP 2015 - BIODYNAMICALLY GROWN
Country: FRANCE / Region: LANGUEDOC/ Appellation: PICPOUL DE PINET AOP / Varietal(s): PICPOUL --- The all-female team at Domaine de Belle Mare lets a simple philosophy guide their winemaking: "Live to the rhythm of the vineyard to achieve the best possible yield, in the most natural manner." Situated next to the Thau lagoon, a hub of oyster farming in the region, the domaine produces a elegantly styled picpoul with beautiful salinity and texture to match seafood and other lighter fare. 2015 was a warmer vintage in the region and melon and kiwi notes seem to anchor the aromatics. The balance between the freshness from the wine's saline nerve and its rounded texture – a result of the vintage's warmth as well as two months of lees aging in stainless steel – make this a superb partner with baked trout stuffed with lemon and fines herbs.  
Valli Unite "Alessandrino" Vino Rosso NV - CERTIFIED ORGANIC, LOW SULFUR
Country: ITALY / Region: PIEDMONT / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): BARBERA --- From Importer Savio Soares's page on Valli Unite: "Nestled high on the hill, Valli Unité has been a communal home of 25 residents for nearly 30 years, since the four families decided to counter the spread of industrialization and unite their properties as a co-op, under natural methods. Everything is handled with the land and nature in mind first. You see no chemicals being used, with hands working the earth and vines, natural processes in the cellar, and honest gratitude for what is provided." This wine is fun and funky, light and tart with bright cherry fruit and streaks of earthy gaminess. Pick up some dried sausages and hard aged cheeses, sit back and relax into an easy evening of board games and conversation.

Salvatore Molettieri Aglianico Irpinia DOC Cinque Querce 2007 - ORGANICALLY GROWN
Country: ITALY / Region: CAMPAGNIA / Appellation: IRPINIA DOC / Varietal(s): AGLIANICO --- The Southern Italian province of Irpinia is the birthplace of the aglianco grape. It's sometimes referred to as "The Barolo of the South", which is a bit of a misnomer, given that the two have little in common apart from amazing cellar potential. Aglianico is a powerhouse, with intense pigmentation that yields very dark wines, with brawny tannins, even more relentless than nebbiolo. Salvatore Molettieri is among the top aglianico producers of the region, from a family with generations of grape growing experience in the Taurisi hills. Bottling his first wine in 1988 (the family had previously sold their grapes rather than make wine themselves), he now manages his estate with the help of his son, Giovanni, a trained enologist. Their sustainably farmed vineyards extend for 13 hectares in Montemarano, historically recognized as one of the finest crus in the appellation, boasting steep hillside sites packed with clay soils. The resulting wines almost demand aging to be drinkable, but happily for us, this 2007 cuvée is at a perfect age for opening now. Deep and dark, it's dense in texture, full of leathery ripe black fruits, still-powerful tannins balanced by palate cleansing acidity, and a rich, spicy finish. A delicious pick with venison bolognese.