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Free Wine Tasting - Friday - Discounted 10%


This Friday, it's all about easy drinking glou-glou fun. One of our favorites in this easy-drinking style is Beaujolais Nouveau! And we have two fantastic producers lined up, not to mention a juicy sparkling rosé that would be perfect to wash down a gobbler sandwich.

Michel et Sylvain Tête Beaujolais-Villages AOC Nouveau "La Roche" 2018

Country: FRANCE / Region: BURGUNDY-BEAUJOLAIS / Appellation: BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES .AOC / Varietal(s): GAMAY --- Michel Tête with his Juliénas estate, Domaine du Clos du Fief, is a fourth-generation winemaker and holder of vines on many of the prized sites in the Juliénas appellation. While Michel does not claim to produce organic wines, his techniques follow traditional methods from a time before mass application of pesticides and herbicides. One of the reasons for his success is the use of a Burgundian method, with a semi-carbonic maceration. This draws out much flavor and aromatics from the grapes, allowing for a silky texture. Beautiful delicate rose petal notes on the nose mingle with hints of forest floor. But really, this wine is just packed with red berry fruit, perfect for sipping or with a great roast chicken (or all that leftover bird...).

Laurence et Rémi Dufaitre Beaujolais-Villages AOC Nouveau 2018 - ORGANICALLY GROWN + LOW INTERVENTION

Country: FRANCE / Region: BURGUNDY-BEAUJOLAIS / Appellation: BEAUJOLAIS-VILLAGES AOC / Varietal(s): GAMAY --- The husband and wife team of Rémi and Laurence Dufaitre is making delectable wines from their vineyard holdings around the Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly crus in the Beaujolais region. Rémi started accumulating these plots in 2006 and finally began making wine in 2010 in a style heavily influenced by organic and low-intervention pioneers such as Jean Foillard. Their Beaujolais Nouveau is fermented in concrete tanks, bottled quickly, and now brimming with an incredible energy. The fruit is bursting like you were eating the fermented berries themselves! You might as well pick up two, since the first is likely to be slurped up at a fast clip.

Meinklang Frizzante Rosé Burgenland 2017 - CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC + LOW INTERVENTION

Country: AUSTRIA / Region: BURGENLAND / Appellation: BURGENLAND / Varietal(s): PINOT NOIR --- The Michlits Family operates one of the world's largest biodynamic farms in the Neusiedler See-Seewinkel National Park. The Meinklang farm is a wide and varied Demeter-certified agricultural operation cultivating a number of different crops as well as raising 300 Angus cattle. The estate represents what used to be common practice everywhere in the Pannonian countryside: a mixed farming operation, managed by extended family. The wine estate is well integrated into the farm and led by Angela and Werner Michlits. Their rosé sparkler is made of pinot noir and their hands-off winemaking process helps to express the grape's most indulgent fruit flavors. Aromas of red cherry confections, fresh raspberry, pomegranate juice and cranberry propel to the forefront. The finish is clean, dry, with well-balanced acidity that makes this incredibly refreshing yet fruitful.