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Free Wine Tasting - Saturday - Discounted 10%


You've finally woken up from that food-induced slumber, somehow still hungry for more turkey but never wanting to eat a roasted bird again. Dealing with these complex emotions call for complex wines. We love the complexity and depth of the little French region called the Jura. The Jura region has flown under the radar for quite some time, producing a fraction (about 0.2%) of France’s total wine. Best known for vin jaune, a golden wine made in an oxidative style (like Sherry) under a fine layer of yeast, its other wines are now gaining recognition worldwide. We'll be highlighting the breadth and depth of Jura grapes, winemaking styles, and vintages! Join us for a Tour du Jura.

Domaine Stéphane et Bénédicte Tissot Chardonnay "Patchwork" Arbois AOC 2016 - BIODYNAMICALLY GROWN + LOW INTERVENTION

Country: FRANCE / Region: JURA / Appellation: ARBOIS AOC / Varietal(s): CHARDONNAY --- "When you’re biodynamic, you have a different life in your vines, in your grapes, and in this way, you can make very easy wine. It leads you." Those are the words Stéphane Tissot lives by, having worked biodynamically since 2004, and with his wife, Bénédicte, strives to express the character of the Jura terroir above all else. The Tissot family has been producing wine in the Jura since 1962, with Stéphane and Bénédicte taking the reins from his parents, André and Mireille, and acquiring a formidable reputation as being among the region's top winemakers. Arbois is a commune located within Jura, about 30 miles west of Switzerland. It's an insular area that specializes in unique renditions of chardonnay and savagnin for white wines. Medium-bodied and dry, the Patchwork chardonnay comes from a blend of parcels planted on clay or limestone. Stéphane uses the blend to balance the fruit elements before aging in neutral oak and 10% new barrel to retain freshness. (Unlike some of the other white wines from the region, Patchwork is not an oxidized wine.) A chardonnay with personality to spare, this is a serious white, combining a briny tang, lip-smacking acidity, and luscious citrus and tropical fruits with a touch of creamy, buttery texture on the finish! An opulent partner to potato gratin with goat cheese or baked arctic char with creamy cucumber aioli.

Les Dolomies “Terra Links” Savagnin Vin de France 2015 - ORGANICALLY GROWN + LOW INTERVENTION

Country: FRANCE / Region: JURA / Appellation: VIN DE FRANCE / Varietal(s): SAVAGNIN --- Bresse-style chicken with cream and mushrooms. Guided by the expression of Saint Exupéry, “The earth is not ours; but lent to us by our children,” Céline Gormally's mission with Les Dolomies is to protect and enrich the land while making wines of terroir. Her work in the vineyard is rigorous, and together with her husband Steve, they treat their vines with homemade biodynamic preparations to enhance soil health and vine rigor. To get the purest expression of terroir, the harvested grapes are always fermented with native yeasts and aged on the lees in old Meursault barriques and large demi-muid. Sulfur is used sparingly. This savagnin (not sauvignon blanc!) is an aromatic wonderland for those who love the savory, saline, nutty, and fruitful. Delightful curry spices mingle with ripe orchard fruits. This is simply superb winemaking.

Domaine Stéphane et Bénédicte Tissot "D.D." Arbois AOC 2017 - BIODYNAMICALLY GROWN + LOW INTERVENTION

Country: FRANCE / Region: JURA / Appellation: ARBOIS AOC /Varietal(s): PINOT NOIR+ TROUSSEAU+POULSARD --- Red wines from the Jura are usually some combination or single-varietal expression of pinot noir, trousseau and aromatic poulsard. The Tissot "D.D.", named after Stéphane's father, Andre "DD" Tissot, is precisely this blend: 40% pinot noir, 40% trousseau, and 20% poulsard, co-fermented and aged in 2000L oak barrels called foudre. 2017 was an exceptionally difficult vintage in the Jura (called worst of the century by some), with early April frosts that reduced yield by 50-60%. Under such conditions, we're just excited to pour what we can and support small, independent wine makers! The "D.D." is full of brambly fruits - wild raspberry and blackberry, with distinct herbaceousness and purple floral tones. What a lovely pairing with an herb-crusted pasture-raised chicken and country-style pâté or terrine!

Domaine Badoz Trousseau Côtes du Jura AOC Vignoble les Roussots 2015

Country: FRANCE / Region: JURA / Appellation: CÔTES DU JURA AOC / Varietal(s): TROUSSEAU --- The history of Domaine Badoz spans 10 generations of winemaking in the Jura town of Poligny. The current proprietor and head winemaker, Benoît Badoz completed his enology degree and continued his training at world-renowned domains in Puligny-Montrachet (Carillon) and Pomerol (Petrus) before taking the reigns in 2003. Their vineyards, "Roussots" and "Grands Roussots", sit on a bed of blue, red, and grey clay, as well as Jurrasic limestone. This balance of clay and lime gives both great concentration and striking precision to the wines. This red comes from the trousseau grape, which seems to offer the beguiling fluidity of a pinot noir, but with a bucolic nose of cherry, blackberry and pepper, reminiscent of the outdoors. The 2015 vintage was very good in Jura, with no devastating frosts and a very sunny summer with just enough precipitation to keep vine function steady until harvest! The soft, warm fruit is balanced on the palate by lively freshness and structured tannins on the finish.