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Free Wine Tasting - Second Saturday - Discounted 10%

MFW (Michael Foulk and Wheeler) Wine Co. is the partnership of two people with a combined 30+ years experience in the New York and New Jersey wine worlds. Rather than constantly chasing fads, their motto is "two guys who enjoy real wine and want to work with the people and wines we care about." Today we're welcoming Annika Adelmann to pour a selection of MFW Wine Co.'s offerings.

Bow & Arrow Melon Willamette Valley Johan Vineyard 2016 - CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC
Country: USA / Region: OREGON / Appellation: WILLAMETTE VALLEY / Varietal(s): MELON DE BOURGOGNE --- Do you love Loire Valley wines? So do we! And so do Dana and Scott Frank, makers of Bow & Arrow; that's the inspiration for their wines, using exclusively Loire Valley varietals. Many have noted the similarities in climate and latitude between the Willamette Valley and the Loire Valley (as well as Burgundy). The melon here is better known in France as melon de Bourgogne, the grape responsible for oyster lovers' favorite drinking buddy: Muscadet Sèvre et Maine. A cool, composed nose of crushed stone, dried white flowers, and lemon zest yields to sweet-tart citrus on the palate, with bright dried lemon and lime accents, and stony minerality on the finish. Oregon melon typically has a bigger mouthfeel than its Loire cousins, but still maintains unmistakable varietal character. A match made in oyster-eating heaven, but also delectable with goat cheese and arugula salad.

Country: ITALY / Region: SICILY / Appellation: N/A / Varietal(s): CATARRATTO --- Mt. Etna may be hogging the spotlight when it comes to hip Sicilian wines, but off in the other corner of the island, grower Francesco Guccione has made a name for himself by bringing the potential of this overlooked area back to light with authentic, character-filled wines. Guccione farms six hectares of land that's been in his family for generations. 35 km southwest of the city of Palermo, the region of Cerasa has a deep winemaking tradition (in generations past, buyers from throughout Sicily would select their grapes from Cerasa), with its "terre brune" (brown soil) of chalky, iron-rich clay giving the vineyards a rusty brown color. The climate in this corner of the island is relatively mild, and Francesco has oriented his vines so that they receive maximum light exposure from sunrise to sunset. Rainfall is miniscule, so the vines here dig deep for underground water on the higher part of the hill at 480-500 meters. Working with only native grape varieties, the Guccione vineyards have been certified organic since 1996 and farmed biodynamically since 2005. Francesco adheres to a strict natural regime: massale selection of vines, dry farming, and various cover crops including herbs like chamomile and echinacea. All of the winemaking is equally natural: native yeasts, no fining or filtering, and modest sulfur at bottling. Catarratto is a Sicilian native that is grown all over the island, but Guccione's is unique: a higher quality but harder to grown clone of catarratto called Cataratto Extralucido ("extra shiny"). It's fermented with native yeasts in 3,000-liter acacia wood tini (large, upright wooden casks), and sees 10 days of skin contact. A year of aging in tini before bottling without filtering or clarification results in a wine of savory, complex character. Citrus notes open the show, followed up with a satisfying nuttiness. The skin contact lends it lovely depth and texture without weighing it down at all. This will age beautifully for 5+ years, but why wait? Open now with shrimp and grits!

Bow & Arrow "Rhinestones" Oregon Johan Vineyard 2016 - CERTIFIED BIODYNAMIC
Country: USA / Region: OREGON / Appellation: WILLAMETTE VALLEY / Varietal(s): PINOT NOIR+GAMAY --- Another of Bow & Arrow's Loire-inspired offerings, this is a single vineyard expression from Johan Vineyard that blends pinot noir and gamay in the exuberant spirit of wines from Cheverny. Black and red cherry, red plum, raspberry, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, violets, and rich dark earth all vie for attention on the nose, while juicy raspberry, cherry, and cranberry flavors explode across the palate. A light tannic grip, accompanied by notes of white pepper, spice, and sassafras, make this easy drinking, but far from boring! A seriously versatile choice, this pairs wonderfully with seared albacore, baked Arctic char, or poulet en cocotte (chicken roasted with bacon and potatoes).

Bodegas Gómez Nevado Sierra Morena Pálido en Rama Seco
Country: SPAIN / Region: ANDALUSIA / Appellation: SIERRA MORENA / Varietal(s): ARIS AKA ARIEN+PEDRO XIMENEZ+PALOMINO --- For the Nevado Family, the grape farming in Andalusia dates back to at least 1764, when the family name was mentioned in the "Catastro del Marques de Ensenada" in relation to viticulture. Officially founded in 1870, Bodegas Gómez Nevado is known for production of irresistibly savory, Sherry-like dry white wines. Due to the poor soils and hot, dry climate, Spanish grape varieties aris, palomino, and pedro ximenez are planted in extremely low densities and are made to fight for every sip of water. However, it is precisely these climatic factors that help create incredibly concentrated flavors and high sugar levels in the grapes, yielding a wine full of fine texture and bold aromatics. For the "Pálido" bottling, grapes are pressed and fermented in stainless steel, then racked into stone tanks where they begin the aging process. After being graded by color, aroma, and taste, the wines are transferred to old American oak barrels. Within these barrels a layer of "flor" forms, protecting the wine from contact with oxygen while also imparting pronounced almond and yeast notes. The wine acts like liquid MSG, enhancing the flavors of local tapas -- stuffed red peppers, Manchego, Marcona almonds, gambas al ajillo!