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Free Wine Tasting - Saturday - Discounted 10%

We've heard it all – the good, the bad, and the ugly – about New York wines. But we've got an incredible selection of wines from talented producers all over the state including: austere, Mosel-style riesling from the Finger Lakes; minerally, elegant Long Island rosé; and a minimalist, low-S02 cabernet sauvignon from deep in the Catskills!

Heart & Hands Riesling Finger Lakes Nutt Road Vineyard 2014 - Sustainably Grown
Country: USA / Region: NEW YORK / Appellation: FINGER LAKES / Varietal(s): RIESLING --- Tom and Susan Higgins are the husband and wife team behind Heart & Hands. The winery is committed to producing cool-climate wines which express the terroir of the Finger Lakes with an exclusive focus on pinot noir and riesling.Only producing around 2,000 cases per year allows for an intense focus on sourcing the best fruit and maintaining a presence in the public tasting room! 2014 was a historically cold winter in the Finger Lakes, which diminished fruitful bud counts throughout the region so production levels were generally down. However, riesling is a very cold-hardy grape and expresses itself with the most finesse under some of the toughest climatic conditions. These sustainably farmed grapes come from Nutt Road Vineyard, located on the west side of Seneca Lake on well-drained Honeoye silt loam soils. The texture of this wine is something to behold: lightning-like acidity is balanced by a touch of richness on the mid-palate. Notes of fresh peach and apricot are brightened by touch of fresh-squeezed lime juice. This bottle will make a great partner to pan-roasted halibut with Thai green curry, baked ham and gruyère crostinis, or grilled chicken salad with ginger-lime dressing.

Wölffer Estate Rosé Long Island 2017
Country: USA / Region: NEW YORK / Appellation: LONG ISLAND / Varietal(s): MERLOT+CHARDONNAY+CABERNET FRANC+PINOT NOIR+SAUVIGNON BLANC+CABERNET SAUVIGNON+RIESLING+GEWÜRZTRAMINER --- Wölffer Estate has helped boost Long Island into the national spotlight for emerging wine regions. Their beloved "Estate Rosé" may be one of the big factors behind this success. Looking towards Provence in the south of France for stylistic and aesthetic inspiration, this rosé is an excellent example of elegance and restraint. Aromas of fresh cut watermelon and just-ripe strawberry give way to lovely texture on the palate -- dry and crisp. Skip the French pink this weekend and grab this local bottle for your grilled pork and warm fennel salad with Bosc pears and Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Eminence Road Farm Winery Cabernet Sauvignon Elizabeth's Vineyard Finger Lakes 2015 - Sustainably Grown + Low Intervention
Country: USA / Region: NEW YORK / Appellation: FINGER LAKES / Varietal(s): CABERNET SAUVIGNON --- Eminence Road Farm Winery is was born out of the combined dreams of the husband and wife team Andrew Scott and Jennifer Clark. With a deep love of the Loire Valley and the growers and makers of organic, biodynamic, and minimal-input wines, they set out for life in the sleepy Catskill hamlet of Long Eddy, the perfect setting for a cool-climate winery. Making wine from specially sourced fruit from the Finger Lakes, and in this case, from the sustainably farmed Leidenfrost vineyard on the east side of Seneca Lake. This is one of the few locations in the Finger Lakes particularly well suited for ripening the thick-skinned cabernet sauvignon. The combined influence of powerful afternoon sun on the west-facing slopes with the heat-retaining properties of beautiful shalestone top soil make ripening possible (in addition to the massive, heat-retaining lake right down the slope!). In the winery, the fruit was crushed and destemmed and put into one-ton bins to ferment by ambient yeast. The grapes received once daily punch-downs for 21 days before being pressed. The juice was pumped into old French oak barrels to finish fermentation which continued into June of 2016. After 23 months in barrel, the wine was racked off its lees and gravity bottled by hand without fining or filtration. Black fruit abounds here - juicy blackberry and blackcurrant are structured around a slate-y, mineral backbone. Bright acidity and dusty tannins make this wine feel like steak-frites' best friend!