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Abad Dom Bueno Godello Bierzo DO 2016 - ORGANICALLY GROWN

Country: SPAIN / Region: CASTILLA Y LEÓN / Appellation: BIERZO DO / Varietal(s): GODELLO --- There may be no better white wine to transition between the seasons than godello. This obscure grape began its resurgence in northwest Spain in the early 1980s. The wines had fallen from favor as it's not a prolific grape. Some have compared the grape to the great white Burgundies, but these wines may be even more nuanced. Godello does offer wonderful fresh acidity, but the wines offer a richer fruit profile. This wine is a case in point, as nectarine and nutty elements tussle with acidity, each vying for dominance. Bright, clean accents of citrus add a dash of liquid sunshine, while delicate floral hints and notes of aniseed make this a beautiful match with savory risotto with roasted spring veggies!
Gere Attila Winery Portugieser Villány 2016
Country: HUNGARY / Region: BARANYA / Appellation: VILLÁNY / Varietal(s): PORTUGIESER --- The southern Hungarian town of Villány boasts a grape growing culture that predates Roman times. After occupation by the Ottomans, German settlers were invited to reinvigorate the dwindling population, bringing with them their own grape growing and winemaking traditions and innovations, along with the local kékoportó (portugieser) grape. The warmth of Villány's southerly slopes is enhanced by the hot air from the Mediterranean, and soils are rich in geothermic heat-sources and water, which provide nourishment to the vines during the hot, dry growing seasons. First introduced to the wines of Villány in 1978 (thanks to his father-in-law's homemade wines!), Attila Gere became enamored of the potential of the region and established his own winery in the early 1990s, with the dissolution of the Communist regime. With a family history of winemaking stretching seven generations, Gere is now one of Hungary's largest producers, but still picks and sorts all fruit by hand and has always used integrated pest control methods and all-natural treatments in the vineyards. Made from the local portugieser grape, this light and lively new red is fermented with wild yeast in stainless steel before spending four months in 5,000-liter barrels to complete malolactic fermentation. Generally, no sulfur is added until after fermentation. The result is an irresistible spring and summer sipper, bursting with fragrant wild raspberries, cherries, and crushed herbs! Light as a feather with barely any tannin to speak of, this begs to be chilled and chugged at warm weather gatherings! Pair with stuffed baby zucchini or peppers.