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Free Wine Tasting - Friday - Discounted 10%

Chalk Hill "Wits End" Vermentino McLaren Vale 2017 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC
Country: AUSTRALIA / Region: SOUTH AUSTRALIA / Appellation: MCLAREN VALE / Varietal(s): VERMENTINO --- The vermentino grape is widely planted across the Mediterranean coast of Italy and France, but it's also well suited to the coastal location of Australia's famed McLaren Vale region. Chalk Hill is among McLaren Vale’s premier wineries, owned by the Harvey family whose grape growing heritage goes back six generations in South Australia. There are six family-owned vineyards, first planted in 1897, and these century old vines still bear fruit today. These vineyards are certified organic, and also employ biodynamic methods as well as IPM (integrated pest management). Winemaker Renae Hirsch focuses on purity of expression in her winemaking, allowing the character of both varietal and vineyard to shine. She therefore uses as little intervention in the winery as possible, resulting in a wine full of refreshing personality. Crisp and lively, with zesty apple and citrus notes and crushed herb flavors on the finish, this is a surefire winner with catfish tacos!

Moraitis Estate Aidani Mavro Rosé Cyclades PGI 2017 - ORGANICALLY GROWN
Country: GREECE / Region: CYCLADES / Appellation: CYCLADES PGI / Varietal(s): AIDANI MAVRO --- This organic (and vegan!) electric pink sipper comes from the Cyclades Island of Paros (picture crystal blue waters and that stunning white and blue architecture). Made from the native aidani mavro grape, this offers up Mediterranean spices, tart cherries, strawberries, and crushed herbs on a refreshingly dry, medium-bodied frame that finishes with crunchy acidity. Fantastic with stuffed koosa mahshi (Arabic stuffed squash), or beef or mushroom cheeseburgers hot off the grill.