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Peza do Rei Mencía Ribeira Sacra DO 2015

Country: SPAIN / Region: GALICIA / Appellation: RIBEIRA SACRA DO / Varietal(s): MENCÍA --- Ribeira Sacra, "sacred river", in Galicia has the kind of landscape that transports (medieval villages and churches, deep valleys, steep terraced vineyards). The César Enriquez family is among the founding growers of what became D.O. Ribeira Sacra. Peza do Rei is a medieval walled vineyard and woodlands estate that once served as a private hunting retreat for the Kings of León. The red wines of the region are just as compelling: unpretentious, fresh, and tied to the place. Made from the native mencía grape, this is a delicious, versatile addition to your cooler weather wine lineup! Red berry fruit, moderate oak aging, and savory herbal accents on a medium-bodied frame make for joyous sipping with early Autumn stews.

Vigneti Reale Negroamaro Salento IGP "Norie" 2016

Country: ITALY / Region: PUGLIA / Appellation: SALENTO IGP / Varietal(s): NEGROAMARO --- Vigneti Reale is an estate winery of 250 hectares in the heart of Salento, located in the "heel" of the Italian peninsula "boot". An area famed for its rich, fruit-driven, full-bodied wines, since ancient times the orange calcareous soils, breezy Mediterranean climate, and flat, generous landscape has appealed to winemakers. In the Lecce dialect of Puglia, "norie" are the mills used to press olive oil, and also the name of the vineyard from which this negroamaro comes. This new arrival is perfect for cozying up with as the nights get chillier. Aged in glass and neutral cement, a touch of the grape's spice still comes through on a soft, velvety palate full of generous dark fruit like candied cherries, prunes, and woody notes of tobacco and juniper. Enjoy this with tuna steaks, antipasta, or shepherd's pie.