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Clos Montblanc Conca de Barberà DO "Xipella" Blanc 2015
Country: SPAIN / Region: CATALUNYA / Appellation: CONCA DE BARBERÀ DO / Varietal(s): MACABEU+PARELLADA+SAUVIGNON BLANC --- The Clos Montblanc winery is located in Barberà de la Conca, near two historic Catalonian locations, the fortified town of Montblanc and the Monastery of Poblet. Conca de Barberà is located in the northern part of the province of Tarragona, in the areas surrounding the Francoli and Anguera rivers. While the Conca de Barberà was only granted official DO status in 1985, it is the home of the oldest wine cooperative in Spain, established at the Abbey of Santa Maria de Poblet in the 12th century. It was there that the Cistercian monks worked the fields side by side with the fabled Knights of the Templar; many of the techniques used by the monks and knights are still in use today. Geologically, the soils are varied, mostly gray and limestone-based, but also boasting pockets of black slate and quartz (the famed llicorella of its western neighbor, Priorat). This tasty new white is a blend of macabeu, parellada, and sauvignon blanc; a luminous yellow in color, it offers up succulent aromas of pear and apple, with hints of lime zest. Pleasantly fresh on the palate, it is medium bodied, with a rounded texture that makes it a versatile match with food. Fish and chips anyone?

Clos Montblanc Conca de Barberà DO" Xipella" Tinto 2013
Country: SPAIN / Region: CATALUNYA / Appellation: CONCA DE BARBERA DO / Varietal(s): CARIGNAN+SYRAH --- That lovely black slate and quartz soil (llicorella) really shines through in this new red! A blend of carignan (also known as samso or cariñena) and syrah, it explodes with concentrated fruit aromas. A mouthcoating palate of potent red and dark fruits walks the line between voluptuous and burly. Warm woody notes and streaks of dark minerality hang on a lengthy finish that displays fine, integrated tannins before finally closing out the show. Open this and cozy up with some BBQ or a hearty stew.