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Free Wine Tasting - Saturday - Discounted 10%

Join Importer Stephen Bitterolf from Vom Boden for some amazing German wines!

Germany has long held a well-deserved reputation for producing some of the world's finest riesling, but you'd be doing your taste buds a great disservice to ignore the other great wines the country has to offer! Today, Stephen Bitterolf from Vom Boden will be pouring a rainbow of tasty German wines, including, yes, a delicious riesling, but also a rosé, a refreshing rot (red) blend, and an elegant pinot noir.

We'll be tasting three extraordinary wines from Weingut Beurer, a family estate that has shot to meteoric acclaim in the natural wine world, thanks to Jochen Beurer, a former BMX-champion, bad-boy-turned-biodynamic-farmer. Jochen crafts wines of almost aggressive purity: laser-focused, crystalline, and stony.

The Beurer family has been farming the sandy soils of Kernen-Stetten (in the Württemberg region just east of Stuttgart) for generations. Jochen's father, Siegfried, was the head of the local cooperative, but in 1997 the family made the decision to quit the coop and form an independent winery. Farming organically since 2003, they became certified biodynamic in 2008. Beginning with just three hectares, they now have 13 ha, from which grapes are crushed by foot and spontaneously fermented with native yeast in stainless steel.

A tasty trio of Beurer's wines are a hard act to follow, but another new arrival is more than up to the task: pinot noir from Enderle and Moll. This estate is basically just two guys, a tiny cellar, a few hectares of old vines and a crazy cult-like following! Sven Enderle and Florian Moll craft complex, amazingly detailed, earthy pinot noirs that will shatter any conceptions you had about German reds. Farming is organic/biodynamic, no additives, no filters, minimal sulfur. This is a "Can't Miss!" tasting event!