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Orealios Gaea Robola of Cephalonia PDO 2018
Country: GREECE / Region: IONIAN ISLANDS / Appellation: ROBOLA OF CEPHALONIA PDO / Varietal(s): ROBOLA --- This new arrival caught our taste buds by surprise! Orealios Gaea is an agricultural cooperative of robola wine producers that was founded in 1982 in Cephalonia. They produce 80% of the wine in the PDO Cephalonia, with over 300 producers involved. They focus on the native robola grape (not the same or related to the Italian grape ribolla), but also grow a handful of other native varietals. The name Orealios Gaea combines the words Oros (mountain) and Als (sea in ancient Greek) and underlies the coexistence of the alpine nature of Mt. Ainos and the Ionian Sea that surrounds it, creating a unique terroir. This delicious new white wine has bright green apple and crushed herb aromas with a dry, easy-going finish. Great with grilled herbed chicken skewers.

Vignoble Dinocheau 'Les Côts' Touraine AOC 2017
Country: FRANCE / Region: LOIRE VALLEY / Appellation: TOURAINE AOC / Varietal(s): CÔT AKA MALBEC --- The 13 hectares of small family estate Domaine Dinocheau are planted in tuffeau, a blend of chalk and sand that appears white, on the slopes of Cher, in the heart of the castles of the Loire. It was originally founded by the great-great-great grandfather of current proprietors, Laurence and Fabien Dinocheau, who took over in 2006. They have made a name for themselves by cultivating several abandoned, ancient grape varietals. They aim for minimal intervention in the vineyard and practice sustainable farming, lending themselves to the development of wines that are both supple and fruity, round and robust, with a beautiful minerality according to the grape varieties. Their main objectives are to limit the use of weed killers, limit soil erosion, promote the rooting of vines, and preserve the fauna and flora at the soil level. They make this wine with 100% malbec but they call it côt, which researchers suggest may have been the grape’s original, historical name where it originated in Burgundy. It has malbec’s classic deep, purple hue with thick, fleshy dark fruit and cherry flavors and aromas of violets and aromatic herbs with some oak influence. Put a very light chill on this bottle and throw some mushroom-farro burgers on the grill. Sustainably grown.