Gilles Brisson VS Cognac

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Gilles Brisson VS Cognac 750ml
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The Gilles Brisson estate is located in Châteaubernard, the cradle of the Grande Champagne appellation in Cognac, and has been family owned and operated for four generations. Cyril Brisson has been in charge since 1989, having learned the traditional distillation methods from his father, and his young son, Alexis, is already learning from Cyril to take over some day. They make their cognac the same way as they have for the last century, always using their own fruit and only using the coeur de chauffe (the finest cut of the newly distilled spirit). They age for longer than the legislation requires, creating a refined and precise aromatic expression and more fruitful character. This cognac bears the prestigious and rare Grande Champagne Appellation label, “1er Cru de Cognac”. The VS (“very special” or “three stars”) is aged for 3-4 years before bottling and is 100% ugni blanc. It displays baked apple and vanilla on the nose, with hints of oak, cedar, and chamomile tea. The finish is luxuriously long with lots of baking spice, vanilla and almond.