Arrowood Farm Distillery Vodka

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Arrowood Farm Distillery Vodka 700ml
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“Local” is more than just a word at Arrowood Farm Distillery. Located in Accord, NY, Arrowood began as a small hops farm before rapidly evolving into an acclaimed craft brewery. Sustainability and responsibility - to the environment and the local community - are threads that run through all of Arrowood’s operations, of which the distillery is the newest addition. In keeping with their commitment to local, this vodka is a showcase of Hudson Valley terroir, made entirely with New York ingredients. Spring water comes directly from the farm, and the wheat and rye are all grown in the Hudson Valley by neighboring farmers, most located within a three mile radius. Rye comes from Kelder’s Farm, and wheat from Domino Farm in Accord. The vodka is distilled on the grain, which imparts a fuller body and lets the Hudson Valley terroir shine through. Another layer of local flavor comes from using a “house culture” to ferment the spirits, rather than relying on commercial distiller’s yeast. Arrowood’s house culture is cultivated from the farm’s own apiary and is the same one used in their popular farmhouse ales. With such distinctive ingredients, simplicity is key in the distilling process, which uses only three ingredients: water, yeast, and local grain (70% wheat, 30% rye.) Double distillation through a 30-plate column still allows those flavors to remain, while delivering a softer, subtle mouthfeel. The result: a sipping vodka full of nuance, character, and texture.